Haul and Dry Storage

Island View Marina’s professionally trained hauling crew understands how to properly secure and move any marine vessel – whether it is coming in for storage, repair, transport or sale.

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Winter Dry Storage

Special package deal — Haul, power wash, blocking, and winter dry storage through May  –  $31.50 per foot.

Island View Marina is a full service and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) yard allowing you to work on your own boat, or use one of our qualified service providers.

Winter dry storage reservations are now being accepted.  We offer a 25 ton open end lift with haul and launch, power wash and blocking.  Lay up for winter and don’t worry about the weather.


$11.00/foot covers haul and launch, power wash and blocking.


$3.50/foot/month for a six (6) month period – haul out anytime from October to December (weather permitting).

First three (3) months storage is billed at haul out; second three (3) months is billed in January 2017.

Call George at 443-618-6754 to reserve your spot today.

Email George at:  georitter3@yahoo.com